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This website is being re-designed. All Traffic Data currently available on this website will be available on the "New Traffic Data page", and the Meeting Materials will be available on the "New Meeting Materials page". This weblink (http://www.cfgis.org/trafficdata/) will be redirected to the new webpage soon.

Downloadable Data

On this webpage, the Florida Department of Transportation makes available many types of public transportation data. While the files available here are periodically reviewed, there are no guarantees or warranties as to accuracy, currency, completeness, or utility. See the “Disclaimers” link below for additional information concerning data available through this website.

The files include traffic counts, reports and presentations, maps, and more. Suggestions for other data to be made available through this website should be made via email to Simone.Babb@dot.state.fl.us. To obtain transportation-related GIS files, go to the CFGIS Data Clearinghouse (at the upper right corner of www.cfgis.org – login required).

FDOT D5 Forms
FDOT D5 Maps
Project Diary
Federal Functional Classification Update Application
Federal Functional Classification & Urban Areas (Original 2005)
Federal Functional Classification changes to date by County
Central Florida Transportation Planning Group Materials
Transit Workhop Meeting Materials
District 5 Resource Guidebooks
District 5 Access Classification Listing
District 5 PowerPoint Presentations
D5 Growth Management Workshop Materials
Central Florida Transportation Planning Group Materials
District 5 Transitioning Area Boundaries
Traffic Counts
Truck Maps
Level of Service Tables
Misc Files
Transportation Models
BATS Models
LCTS Models
OATS Models
OUATS Models

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