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I-75 Mobility Stakeholders Group
TransPort an intermodal transportation analysis tool
As “the Freight Backbone of Florida” and a major tourist gateway for domestic visitors, ensuring mobility on I-75 is critical to facilitate sustainable economic growth in the State of Florida. Maintaining reliability of the I-75 corridor during emergency evacuation events is also critical to ensuring the safety of Florida’s residents, visitors, and businesses. As a gateway for goods to the rest of the nation, traffic on I-75 is anticipated to increase as the dynamics of global trade and logistics continues to evolve. Strategic investments in Florida’s seaports, airports, intermodal logistics centers (ILCs), and other freight-supportive facilities, as scripted in the goals, objectives, and strategies of the Freight Mobility and Trade Plan, will continue to bring more trade to Florida.

In anticipation of this increasing mobility demand, the I-75 Mobility Stakeholders Working Group was formed by FDOT District Five to share information about major projects affecting, and affected by, increased traffic on the I-75 corridor. Due to the pace of activities affecting I-75, the group meets biannually. This portal will serve as a repository for presentations and supportive materials provided through the Working Group.

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